Life's Like A River Scorpions Lyrics

In Trance is the third studio album by German rock band Scorpions and it was released by RCA Records in 1975. The music was a complete departure from the progressive krautrock of the two previous albums. Instead, a hard rock sound of shorter and tighter arrangements with which the band would achieve their later global success and fame emerged. Extended suites in the vein of songs such as “Lonesome Crow” and “Fly to the Rainbow” are absent altogether. This was the first of two studio albums to feature drummer Rudy Lenners, and the first album by the band to contain the now-famous logo and controversial artwork.

Now I will share the lyrics of Life’s Like A River from Scorpions.

As years are passing by
Silence becomes your friend
You see the world in a different way
Don’t be afraid of getting old
Life’s still full of joy
And the beauty of the past
Is rejoicing your mind.

When days are getting short
And winter comes along
Your Life slows down and down
Life’s like a river getting wide
The words have lost their force
You remember your morning
Flow into the endless sea.

Life’s like a river in the morning
Life’s like a sea without end
Life’s like a river in the morning
Life’s like a sea without end

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