What I Mean Freddie Dredd Lyrics

Jay Purp on the beat nigga

Body on the flo’ I don’t think you live no mo’
Peace in mind, keep in line I’m the one about to shine
Fredd now you dead, Freddie is so fuckin’ mad
It ain’t bad, plant the seed
I’m the one who the devil keeps
Who the fuck is this tryna take up on my shit
No no, no way I’m about to end your day
Dumb shit – every single day
I don’t wanna play, if you try to get away
Silly motha’ fucka’ tryna’ to test me boy
Don’t think about it Ima’ hit you with the stick
Dead in your eyes, hypnotized with all these lies
Who the fuck is Freddie flyin’ up in the sky
I don’t really care bitch, I don’t give a fuck
I’m the only person in the club gettin’ buck
Ridin’ round clean, with the beam how it seems
Ima’ kill you bitch you know what I mean

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