Taking A Risk Freddie Dredd & Genshin Lyrics

Taking A Risk Lyrics

Dark king abyss
What the fuck you thinking bitch?
Leave you hanging from a bridge
Body cold as a fridge
Control everything evil
Bitch, you know I fucking mean it
Bitch, you know I seen it
Bitch, I’m high I’m leaning
Bitch, you know I ate some kind of motherfucking loco
Bitch, you know I’m riding local in my motherfucking moto
Got that clip
Run that shit
Do not ever test me, bitch
I will kill you when I feel it
Motherfucker, that’s appealing
Lunatic, with the shit
Kill a motherfucking bitch
Watch my glock
Hold the top, keep it rocking with the
Underground shit
I state that
You ain’t that
Bleeding from your head
It ain’t fair
There’s more there
I’m addicted to the motherfucking murder scene
Devil shit it’s in my head
I never ever wanted that
Imma just do what I’m told
Murder all these monsters
Cause I think they so cold
Mother fucker big
Mother fucker out
Mother fucker should have run it down my fucking block
You don’t even know
What you going through
Freddie got the fucking fool
Stankin’ in your head, boo
What the fuck did I just do?

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